Chef Jeremy Choo joins Gobi


Since 1970’s, Chef Jeremy Choo has worked his way up from waiter to Chef. He is trained in France’s Culinary Institute of Toulouse to master the art of French cooking in 1981. In 1990, he set up Vis-à-Vis which ran for for about 20 years to become the oldest Singapore owned French. He left for Vietnam to join the Norfolk group where he was the executive chef overseeing brands like Six Senses Vietnam.

Chef Jeremy is designing food that meets Gobi’s food philosophy where meals should be nutritious, affordable, MSG free, low sugar, low sodium and as much as possible not dependent on the flesh of animals. Chef Jeremy, an accomplished sommelier, will fit tne menu to complements Gobi’s enzyme program. Gobi’s enzyme program engenders 6 dimension of healthy living:


Check out new items in our menu:



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