Apple Creme Brulee

Gobi's kitchen team innovates again with the Apple Creme Brulee. Crimson Apple Creme Brulee where the Red Apple soaked in red dragon enzyme for 10 days. White Apple Creme Brulee where the Green Apple soaked in orange enzyme for 12 days.   Dine in only. Limited quantity. The enzymes takes 60-90 days to mature. Reservation: … Continue reading Apple Creme Brulee



Beginning Baking Classes for all ages Themes of classes are rotated. Requests are welcome. Classes are suitable for ovo-vegetarian.   What is being taught? ·         3D Cakes ·         Waffles & pancakes ·         Bread ·         Fruit cakes ·         Cupcakes ·         Pizza ·         Canales ·         Puff Pastry (curry puff) ·         Pies Registration: ·         Advance registration a must … Continue reading Classes