You’re always loved even when you think you’re not

You're always loved. We make pastries that help you remember… From the kitchen of award winning Chef Gobi.High quality low sugar cakes.Premiering vegetarian pastel mooncake available nowonline ordering: to order: +6563452127Shop & eat: 278 South Bridge Road Singapore 058827 sg #mooncake #cake #quality

Gobi’s Apple Crumble

Delicious and easy to serve. Featured in local food shows and won awards.  From Chiller(3-7°C)From Freezer(-17°C)Microwave (High)18 seconds38 secondsOven (120°C, bottom / top)5 minutes12-15 minutes Please make adjustment based on your own oven. Note that each oven is different. When you smell the cinnamon in the air, the apple crumble is ready.

Ying Yang mooncake

Ying Yang mooncakelotus (ying) & azuki (yang) layer moon cake.So good you won't know is eggless.50- per setorder online: to reserve 63452127Shop now: 278 South Bridge Road Singapore 058827 sg #mooncake #vegetarian #chinatow #maxwell #bridgeroad #outram #bayfront